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Because protecting your brand

is the beginning of everything,

whichever your business is!

DNA Brasil is a team compromised with your company’s protection with the purpose to preserve and keep your business safe to develop and to be appreciated. Our work consists in providing consulting and management to brand, copyrights, patents and software’s registration.

It is through the brand that your client will distinguish your company from your competitors and the legal right of name or logo is assured through INPI. Therefore, your business will become singular and exclusive, with its own identity and safety with our services.

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How it works
Etapa 1
1 Free search of your brand’s availability.
Etapa 2
2 Online request for the official registration order.
Etapa 3
3 Registration’s process entrance with INPI.
Etapa 4
4 Process’ constant follow up.
Etapa 5

5 All done! Your brand is protected by DNA Marcas!

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