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Through our work, we allow that several companies from all over the country can register their brands, copyrights and softwares without any complication.

Besides, we provide legal support to protect the brands and patents that your company has in case of improper use or dispute for the rights.



Considered as a distinctive signal, visually noticeable, that identifies and differentiates products and services, so as certifies the accordance based on rules or technical specifications. The registration assures to its owner the right of exclusive use in national territory and in its economic activity area. Besides, the consumer’s perception adds value to its products and services.



Incentive instrument’s processes of continuous technological renovation and stimulus of company’s investments. Protects the holder’s invention and contributes to promote the country’s social and economic development. This is a privilege provided by the State to the inventors or any legal or natural person who has the power to invent, manufacture and improve their existent products or processes.

Direitos Autorais


Books, illustrations, conferences and processes development’s registration. The copyright is provided through researches, analysis and proof of the art’s originality – ensuring their inventors the exclusive right of use and capitalization.



Computer’s softwares are also inventive/creative, therefore, have the right to register. When authorship is proven, the copyright expiration is provided for 50 years. To prove your product’s authenticity, we work with deep researches to information’s confirmation. This registration is also accepted in other countries. To learn more about international protection, schedule an appointment with us.

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